Miracle Wands was developed as a natural alternative for beauty and wellness. Composed of microscopic crystals of special gemstones and based on the natural scientific principles of enthalpy and entropy (heat transfer and absorption), this exclusive stone disperses heat at a rate that the body easily absorbs and adjusts to. Miracle Wands harnesses this technique by providing stones with the unique ability to retain and disperse heat on to the human body at a rate optimized for both blood flow and cell function. With the included knowledge of use on certain pressure points, Miracle Wands provides relief at a more condensed time rate.


Lyndy Ngu, founder of Miracle Wands, has spent nearly a decade researching and developing the product as a unique, effective and innovative approach to beauty & wellness. Furthermore, Lyndy has spent a lifetime pursuing a deep-rooted passion to provide a natural alternative to care for the ailing and underprivileged. Growing up in Vietnam during a time of turmoil, Lyndy lived in a poverty-stricken environment with minimal access to basic living resources. As a result, Lyndy regularly witnessed the suffering and despair of ill-fated individuals. With virtually no access to medication, local health practitioner’s turned to natural remedies passed on through generations to tend to the sick. It was during this time that Lyndy made a lifelong commitment to provide alternative methods of care through utilizing the earth’s natural elements.

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