A New & Innovative Therapy

A revolutionary health product & treatment that will change the way health care is delivered! 

Natural Benefits

Miracle Wands is changing lives through the implementation of natural beauty and wellness techniques that will bring out the natural gem in you.

Innovative Healing

Enjoy the benefits of the Miracle Wands gemstone by using special non-invasive techniques to help manipulate nerves, pressure points.

Miracle Wands, is a new, innovative product that offers beauty and health benefits.
With the implementation of natural beauty and wellness techniques, this product will help bring out the gem in you.


What We Offer

The idea

Miracle Wands came to fruition through the influence of Ancient Chinese Medical Practitioners. In ancient China, medical practitioners would use different shaped stones in conjunction with burning an herb called Mugwort to product heat in the therapy of treating diseases. The stone they would use disperses heat at a rate the body would adjust to easily. Miracle Wands were then developed to manifest and foster the health benefits of this ancient practice.

Health Benefits

Miracle Wands have many health benefits when used on a regular basis. It enhances blood circulation, which is an important part of the body’s function. By increasing blood flow in the body, there is promoted cell growth and organ function. Your skin will also benefit from this, helping it fight off bacteria. Miracle Wands will also help the drainage of your sinuses, promoting easy breathing. It is also used to treat swollen tissue and muscles. By applying the Wands to specific areas, it could be used to treat postoperative pain, nausea and vomiting.

How does it work?

Miracle Wands have been created to manipulate pressure points on the body to treat illnesses and enhance blood circulation in a thermotherapy sense. This technology has been around for hundreds of years but until this moment, has not been in the form of the Wands. The National Institute of Health published a national consensus in 1997, stating the effectiveness for use of heat on pressure points and nerves in the treatment of nausea and vomiting.


Adrienne Fantz, Actress

“I had this giant knot in my back, and literally in 2 minutes — it’s gone! It’s pretty amazing!”

Christine Lakin, Actress

“It is so incredible! I’ve never had anything like it. I’ve been having some ringing in my ear, and she used the Miracle Wands in my ear, it was really incredible!”

Karl M.

“I just want to say, after I have used this product I have got full satisfaction out of it. The Gemstones smoothed out the skin on my face which clears all of the bags under my eyes, and it really helped me with the sinus pain I have been having.”

Madeleine M.

“OMG the results of Miracle Wands are outstanding! I have had tired eyes from my computer work in the office and every night the wands relax the eyes and bring back moisture — I feel alive again after feeling drained. These are Miracles!”

Nemo A.

“I am 75 years old and my doctor told me to use these wands in my calf muscle to relax my tight muscles. It really does work!”

Bonnie H.

“I write to let you know how much I have enjoyed using the Miracle Wands. I have had puffy and itchy eyes as a result of allergies and the wands have calmed the reactions down and cleared my sinuses. I am amazed how this works so quickly and easily. I have used the wands every morning and night over the last week — just amazing…thank you so much!”

David D.

“I use Miracle Wands regularly through the day. I have had painful cataracts in the eyes and everything around the eye was swollen. The Wands assisted the swelling to be diminished and the eyes were felt to be comfortable with no medication.”

Libby E.

“I have used Miracle Wands daily in the shower as an acupressure point activator. I find that I am total refreshed 5 minutes after the shower that is just joy. The Wands are very uplifting.”



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