About Miracle Wands Wellness Center™


 After years of in-depth geological and ayurvedic research, founder Lyndy Ngu introduces Miracle Wands: an all-natural, thermo-therapeutic healing tool that is changing healthcare for the better. The healing is all in the mineral-rich composite Quartz stone responsibly mined from Queensland, Australia combined with the technique massage therapist Lyndy Ngu uses. Each set of hand-held Miracle Wands delivers targeted heat therapy to help treat the root cause of chronic pain, asthma, facial fine lines and wrinkles, lower eyelid bags, migraines, seasonal allergies, and so much more. Miracle Wands™ are prized for their multi-purpose, natural healing properties. The stone delivers targeted thermotherapy, producing a soothing heat to reduce inflammation, and increase circulation that provides natural pain relief, and supports long-term healing. No down time, no needles, no surgery… a miraculous natural solution to a multitude of issues!. 

 Miracle Wands Wellness Center