Michael S.

“Miracle Wands saved my eyes after I had eye surgery. The Miracle Wands sped up the healing process somehow and for something that should have taken 2 weeks for good healing it took only 4 days! No wonder they call it real Miracle Wands!”

Madeleine M.

“OMG the results of Miracle Wands are outstanding! I have had tired eyes from my computer work in the office and every night the wands relax the eyes and bring back moisture — I feel alive again after feeling drained. These are Miracles!”

Bonnie H.

“I write to let you know how much I have enjoyed using the Miracle Wands. I have had puffy and itchy eyes as a result of allergies and the wands have calmed the reactions down and cleared my sinuses. I am amazed how this works so quickly and easily. I have used the wands every morning and night over the last week — just amazing…thank you so much!”

Nemo A.

“I am 75 years old and my doctor told me to use these wands in my calf muscle to relax my tight muscles. It really does work!”

David D.

“I use Miracle Wands regularly through the day. I have had painful cataracts in the eyes and everything around the eye was swollen. The Wands assisted the swelling to be diminished and the eyes were felt to be comfortable with no medication.”

Libby E.

“I have used Miracle Wands daily in the shower as an acupressure point activator. I find that I am total refreshed 5 minutes after the shower that is just joy. The Wands are very uplifting.”

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